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Greetings, Lesson 13, Tommorrow's plan 2

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  • Bob is in the hospital, did you get a chance to visit him?

  • I'm going to see Bob tomorrow

  • I thought you had to meet John tomorrow?

  • I'm going to meet John at the airport at 6 O'clock tonight

  • I'm going home now, do you want to head out together?

  • No Thanks. I'm going to go home in about an hour

  • Didn't you need to buy a present for you brother's birthday?

  • I'm going to do that tomorrow

  • I'm going to go to the bus stop right after class, so I won't have time to meet you

  • That's OK. We can always get together tomorrow.

  • Why do you look so stressed?

  • I'm going to be dead if I don't finish this project by tomorrow

  • I thought you had 2 weeks to finish this project

  • I don't have time to explain now. I'll talk to you later.

  • Since we are done with school, when are you going back home?

  • I'm going to go home next week

  • Me too. Do you want to meet at the train station on Sunday?

  • Sure. I'll meet you there at five

  • What are you going to do tonight?

  • What are you doing next week?

  • When do you plan on doing your homework?

  • When are you going to eat dinner?

  • What time do we have to leave for the airport?

  • What should we do tonight?

  • Home