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Greetings, Lesson 14, Tommorrow's plan 3

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  • Do you have any plans tonight?

  • I have class until 5 O'clock, but I'm free after that.

  • Do you want to grab dinner?

  • I don't have any dinner plans so that sounds great.

  • What time should we meet?

  • I need to go to the book store first, so let's meet at 6 O'clock.

  • Let's go to Everland next week

  • I can't. I'm way too busy.

  • What are you doing next week?

  • On Monday, I'm going to meet my professor. Tuesday, I have a job interview.

  • Wednesday, I'm going to the dentist. And on Thursday, I have to go visit my parents.

  • Why are you so busy?

  • I've been procrastinating for a long time.

  • What are you doing over the weekend?

  • I'm going to exercise, meet some friends, and then watch tv.

  • Who are you going to meet?

  • My friend from middle school is visiting, so we are going to have dinner on Saturday.

  • How long is he going to stay?

  • He is only here for a day.

  • Where are you going to eat dinner?

  • I plan on taking him to an Italian restaurant.

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