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Greetings, Lesson 19, Weather

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  • Summer is very hot and dry. It's not so bad when we are in the shade.

  • Summer is extremely hot. The sun will burn you if you don't wear sunscreen.

  • Because it's not humid, it is easy to get used to.

  • Summer is the only time of year that it doesn't rain much.

  • Summer is like paradise in Seattle.

  • If summer wasn't so good here, I would move to a different city.

  • Summer is both hot and humid here.

  • I am always sticky because I sweat so much during the summer.

  • Without air conditioning, I don't know how I would survive.

  • My favorite season is autumn.

  • The only reason I don't like the fall is due to all the leaves I have to rake up.

  • Fall is so beautiful because of all the different color leaves everywhere.

  • It rains a lot around here during the fall.

  • It gets cold in late autumn.

  • In our country, autumn is just like summer. It's hot and humid.

  • My favorite season is spring because of the budding flowers.

  • I love the spring because it's not cold nor hot.

  • The spring season here causes a lot of people to sneeze due to all the flowers appearing.

  • Many people with allergies hate the spring.

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