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Greetings, Lesson 20, Weather 2

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  • I don't think we have a winter here. During the winter months, it's still 80 degrees.

  • So everyone loves the winter months because it's not too hot.

  • Winter time is the best time to visit because the temperature is the best during January.

  • I like to go to Hawaii for my winter vacations because it's so cold in my home city.

  • It's freezing out.

  • It doesn't snow often, but when it does, it stays around for several weeks because it stays cold.

  • For 3 months, this city will be covered with a layer of snow because it will never melt.

  • It doesn't get too cold here, but it's always raining and very gloomy.

  • The winter here is cold and dry. We hardly get any precipitation.

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