Why Might You Want To Get Cosmetic Surgery?

People go for cosmetic surgery for different reasons. Some are willing to look young, whereas others wish to change features they do not like. The decision is yours, where you need to set realistic expectations. Cosmetic surgeries will not change your life and make you look like somebody else, but they may increase your self-confidence.

Why Go For Cosmetic Surgery? What Are Some Of The Practical Reasons?

People believe in cosmetic surgery that helps to achieve their personal goals. Advances in surgical care and technology are now capable of solving all your problems related to skin. Some reasons you might want to get cosmetic surgery for –

  • People don’t want to look aged so soon.
  • They want to change a particular feature.
  • The person may be tired to feel being limited in clothing options
  • They want to get their perfect body back, removing scars, acne, and so on.
  • Also, cosmetic surgeries at robertkotlermd are safe now as the experienced and certified surgeon performs them.
  • Results of cosmetic surgery give an excellent and natural look.
  • People see positive changes in their appearance.
  • Cosmetic treatment is affordable and within budget.

And many more.

Risks Of Cosmetic Surgery

All surgeries, whether it is a cosmetic process or not, has some risks. If your body mass index (BMI) is 30 or higher, or you have diabetes, you might be at increased risk of complications such as blood clotting in the lungs or legs. Even smoking leads to increased chances and interferes in healing/recovery. You will need to meet with the surgeon to discuss these risks and another health history before heading to the surgery. Possible risks include –

  • Blood clots, anesthesia, etc., may take place.
  • Infection at the incision site that may get worse
  • Mild bleeding
  • Numbness and tingling from nerve harm

What To Expect From Cosmetic Surgeries?

It is essential to understand better what will happen before, during, and after the process. You will observe many changes in physical characteristics.

Before the Process

Professionals, like the ones at robertkotlermd.com will explain to you the process of cosmetic surgery that can change your body physically. They will present you with the hopes and outcomes precisely. Doctors might also suggest some other technique to enhance the result.

During Procedure

The cosmetic procedure needs general anesthesia or IV sedation performed in the hospital under the care of an anesthesiologist and team. Other processes such as facial fillers or injections are performed in the hospital under local anesthesia.

After Process

Before discharge from the hospital, you will receive –

  • Instructions for the care after the surgery
  • Medications and prescriptions such as pain medicines and antibiotics


Depending on the type of cosmetic treatment, you will be back to routine within 20 to 30 minutes of your cosmetic surgery. Consult and discuss with a doctor before undergoing surgery.